XYZ Agility info

XYZ Agility is an agility training group which aims to build a strong bond between owner and dog.

The core principles are safety and enjoyment.  We believe that agility is a great way for you and your dog to enjoy your time together and learn from each other.

We run several classes each week, at all levels from absolute beginners, to handlers  who run in UKA and Kennel Club competitions.

We will not pressure you to compete with your dog, but will encourage you to develop and improve the performance of yourself and your dog.

The teachers have over 20 years experience in dog agility and have a great love for using positive methods to build a strong foundation of agility skills.cimg2900_20120315-scaled1000

If you are interested in joining us, please Contact Us


Agility Bulldog

Arthur has excelled at Pre-Agility class.  Six weeks so far.

No jumps as he is too young … but he loves the humps and bumps so much, he runs back through them each time.

He took a concentrated effort to get through the flat tunnel first time around, but has been fearless ever since.

Some Pilchard Cake was need to get Arthur through the standard tunnel, but now he wants to go through every tunnel he sees.

Week 50

A game of football in the garden with Harley.

Arthur is brilliant at dribbling, though I am not sure anyone has explained the rules to Harley yet – she just barks when she doesn’t understand !



Week 36

Arthur in an especially cuddly mood.


Arthur finds something to do whilst Scott replaces a fence panel.


Doesn’t look too comfortable to me, but Arthur seems to like it.


Another long day, and Arthur arranges his cushion so he can have a good long sleep in the evening.


Arthur finds somewhere else to rest his jowls.


Week 35

Started the week with the Bulldog Picnic near Chichester. Lovely event – very relaxed atmosphere and around 200 bulldogs to meet.


Arthur has found himself a spot in the middle of the stairs, where he can keep an eye on who is coming and going.


A second summer arrives in September, so lots of time spent sunbathing in the garden with Harley.


Another day of sun.