Day 1 – Sunday 4th March

Arthur is the name for us.  His kennel name is Testwood Hold The Dream. Pam gathered everything we would need for the first couple of weeks including food and documents, and gave him a final hug.

Arthur arrived home safely after a car journey in the snow.  He is 9 weeks and one day old today.

He travelled in a fluffy towel on my lap in the car and was alert the whole way.

Settled in well.  Harley, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier barked at him a bit and Arthur didn’t even jump.  So Harley left him alone otherwise.  Arthur licked everyone a lot, played with his toys and snuggled on our laps.

Arthur also welcomed his first visit from one of our neighbours with more licks and cuddles, he then slept happily in his crate at 11pm.