Day 11 – Wednesday 14th March

Up at 6.30 – dry overnight, straight up the garden with great success.

This is what happens after breakfast when left to his own devices playing in his crate:


But what an angel Arthur is when there are shoes around – though he has been seen dragging the odd one across the kitchen floor when given half a chance.


Typical afternoon’s activity – watching a speck of dust on the patio.


First big outing in the car. 15 minute drive, then sitting on a bench in a local village for 30 minutes watching the world go by – on a busy road too – so lots to see and hear.  Was cosy in his vet bed, and interested in everything around him.

Saw all types of things including someone on crutches, children, pushchairs, old folks, dogs, bicycles, even a skateboard and inline skates.  We couldn’t have scripted it better from the puppy books. Arthur only cocked his head when the big trucks stopped at the traffic lights, but settled immediately afterwards.

Slept for nearly three hours afterwards, and was late for his dinner !

Then we had two very enthusiastic visitors after dinner, who playing with him – but mostly had lots of cuddles – since little Arthur was still a a bit tired.

After they left, Arthur slept flat out on Scott till bedtime.


Early to bed at 10:15pm