Day 12 – Thursday 15th March

Up at 6.30am

An hour of playing in the kitchen – mostly sit, fetch and tug, but with a bit of drop and take it too.

A lazy morning after breakfast, with lots of cuddles.

Sunny at lunchtime, so out to see what he could see over the raised beds:


Then laid back to chew on his dummy


Later in the afternoon, Harley did a bit of agility practice, and Arthur saw a tunnel for the first time.

Not too impressed so far, though he did relax after a few minutes and managed to put his head inside (off-camera)


Momentous news for today – the first day with no accidents in the house.  We’re not expecting it to last, as Arthur still needs reminding when it’s time to go outside, but we are making progress.

Fell asleep at 8pm – maybe the excitement of the tunnel, or the anticipation of learning the weaves when he gets to a year old.  He watches Harley with great curiosity through the fence at the moment.

Woke for half an hour at 10.30pm, but soon fell asleep for the night at 11pm.