Day 13 – Friday 16th March

up at 6.30am

An hour of playing before breakfast, then a puppy nap.

A real surprise just before lunch, as we kitted out the kitchen with 3 fresh towels and put our old clothes on the Arthurs first bath.

Not too much struggling, though I can’t say he enjoyed it either, but he did feel softer and cleaner afterwards.


After lunch, we visited a local town for an outing. Arthur travelled in Scott’s arms into the shopping centre, where he met some enthusiastic schoolgirls who were very bubbly and excited and though he was the cutest. Arthur was a bit wary at first, but soon relaxed.

Then we settled on a bench for a while and a friendly calm lady came to say hello and rubbed behind his ears, which he loved.  He also heard stiletto shoes on tile for the first time which pricked up his ears.

Another busy day, so Arthur slept on and off from 8pm to bedtime !


Bedtime at 11pm