Day 14 – Saturday 17th March

Up at 6.30

11 weeks old today. Weight is 15.2 pounds, around 6.9 kg.  He looks much bigger than two weeks ago, but not fat at all – just solid !

Arthur was surprised to find a cardboard box in the kitchen and not even a toy could tempt him to investigate.


Didn’t spoil his appetite though:


First visit to Marks and Spencers and Tesco – met a lot of friendly people.  We were very happy to that all the children asked first before stroking Arthur, and that the parents supervised to make sure the children were gentle with him.


Arthur took it all in his stride and even fell asleep, he was indifferent to all the trolleys and noises. He loved the smell of all the Mothers Day flowers.

Short visit from another neighbour. Arthur gave a big cuddle, as did Harley.

Slept on and off from about 5pm.

Bed at 10.25pm