Tuesday 20th March

6.20 up and about. Playing with toys in the kitchen.

Arthur took a walk on his lead for the first time today on the patio.

After some spinning and attempting to carry the lead, he accepted it very well.

Arthur is becoming more adventurous each day.  Heard a petrol chainsaw today in the neighbours garden.  Initially ran to Scott for reassurance, but soon became brave, and ignored it.


6.30pm – Visit to the vet.  Little bit wary of the slippery table, but soon settled down. Passed his latest healthcheck with flying colours. Second injection done, and also had a kennel cough vaccine too. Now only a fortnight until he’s allowed out for walkies in the big wide world.

Official weight is 7.9 kg (17.4 pounds) – though we are being careful to keep him trim to take care of his growing joints.

Arthur fell asleep in his crate as soon as we arrived home.