Week 17

 A wet and windy week.

Arthur joined his first group walk down by the Thames and walked off-leash for the first time with a saluki and cocker spaniel. Naturally stayed close – to Scott and Harley.  Didn’t manage to take any photos unfortunately, too busy watching the dogs, the ducks and the river.

Scott has continued this on our local heathland – keeping Harley on leash and Arthur off, and has had no problems at all.


Also he’s now exploring in the garden on his own – has learned not to put his feet in the pond, and loves to chase Harley in circles around it – though he soon stops and lets her do all the running, just jumping at her as she passes.  Harley has now learnt to hurdle him as she runs past, because he’s too slow to get out of the way.


Started puppy classes – clicker training – soon learned how to work for food and wouldn’t take his eyes off Scott – except when the trainer was talking.  They were impressed with how he already knew sit and down.


Visited the vet’s for his 4 month nurse check – mostly for a weigh in , and to play with the nurses and show off his training.  Now 12.1 kg.

Arthur has established his spot on the sofa without a doubt and can now get off with minimal assistance – and has tried to launch himself onto the sofa – but hasn’t quite made it yet.